The Ignition logo

July 09, 2021

The Name

“Ignition” sounded really cool, and that’s how it got hooked, it’s also the main reason for staying, but it did turn out to make sense as well.

Ignition: The electrical system in an engine that causes the fuel to burn or explode in order to start the engine


Think of ignition as the action required to turn something on. In this case, turn on an engine that runs a completely limitless world. A world where you in one moment can be fighting in World War 1, the next be racing in Formula 1. That’s what video games gives you, the ability to enter any world at any given time.

Video games is entertainment at its best. It’s a step into an unreal world you can interact with. We make it possible to enter these worlds, and our mission is to deliver the absolute best of them.

The Logo

Tim Henning is the creator of our logo. We were looking for something that would illustrate an ignition. See first drafts below.

We ended up with the one below. A mostly hard edged logo but with a small twist of softness.
The letters is from the kabal font, which contains both a fun and an aggressive look. In this case, it’s mostly aggressive, but its un-straight letters give it a bit of funness back. Even though this is the only font included in the drafts, we did try a couple of different ones, but kept going back to this one. It’s powerful and its clean.

The O

I wanted something other than the full logo. Something we could use for Instagram, website icon etc. The O seemed the perfect place to start. I wanted something that would illustrate an ignition. That may be hard to see by just looking at it, but it becomes more evident in the logo animation you can see below.

Whenever you see this, just think of it is as the power button to a limitless universe.