Action Filled Mobile Experience

Birdwatcher New Codename is a new top down game, bringing high quality graphics and close attention to detail to mobile devices.

You will find yourself surrounded by advanded AI whos only goal in life is to make your job harder.
Assinate them, distract them or sneak around them. Its up to you.

The game contains different contracts. Each containing a different environment, diffrent models and diffrent missions.


About The Game

A combination betwwen stealth, action and puzzle is what best describes Birdwatcher New Codename. You move around freely in each level and use the envoirment to your advantages.

You will be reqired to make desccions based on your surroundings. Elminate an enemy with a gun or with your bare hands. Use a rock you picked up, or save it for later.

Key Features

  • Advanced AI
  • Top-down gameplay
  • Cutscenes with speekover
  • Engaing haptic touch feedback
  • Multiple different environments


Birdwatcher New codename will be available on iOS devices this february. The initial release will include 3 worlds, each containing multiple different missions.

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