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Action Filled Mobile Experience

Agent Al is a new top down game, bringing high quality graphics and close attention to detail, to mobile devices.

You will find yourself surrounded by advanced AI whose only goal in life is to make yours harder. Assassinate them, distract them or sneak around them. Its up to you

The game contains different contracts, each containing a different environment, different models and different missions.

About The Game

A combination between stealth, action and puzzle is what best describes Agent Al. You move around freely in each level and use the environment to your advantages.

You are a spy who fight nationally and internationally threats to society. Put an end to drug lords, eliminate terrorists, prevent hackers from obtaining nuclear codes.

You will be reqired to make decisions based on your surroundings. Terminate security cameras, ditract a guard with generators or throw a rock to make noise. Eliminate enemies with a gun or take your chances in a fist fight.

Key Features

  • Advanced AI
  • Mind boggling puzzles
  • Top-down gameplay
  • Cutscenes with voice-over
  • Engaging haptic touch feedback
  • Multiple environments
Agent Al - iPhone


Agent Al is now available for iOS devices
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